Persiles  YET

Qualified Calificado P.R.E.

Black Stallion at Stud

The Arrival of a

Spanish Treasure

Persiles is one of only a handful of "Qualified" black stallions in the world.


His lineage represents some of the top specimens in the breed, including SICAB champions, an Olympic Dressage Stallion and  foundation horses from revered breeding programs.  Persiles is the result of careful planning and reproducible genetics, not just luck.   Persiles has dazzling, pure gaits, a kind and generous spirit, a strong desire to please, and is a joy to be around – all traits you want in a breeding stallion.

A Rare & Distinctive Heritage From Generations Of Champions

As of 2018:  Persiles YET

is 1 of only 5 Black P.R.E. Stallions

In The Entire World With:
Revision Stamp, Qualified Stamp,

& Dressage Morphology Stamp

The Arrival of a Spanish Treasure

Imported from Spain in 2016

Persiles foals born in 2017,18,19 number 40 in 8 states and Canada.  A dozen mares are confirmed in foal for 2020. He has 26 in Spain before coming to the US!